1. Do you sell hair at Super Weave Xpress?
Yes, we see 100% Virgin hair and we sell lace closures and lace frontals. Our Virgin Bundle Deal is 3 bundles for $250 for 12″-22″ and 3 bundles for $280 for 24″-30″. Lace Closures are $130 and Lace Frontals are $180
2. Do you have to purchase Super Weave Xpress hair to get a sew in?
You can purchase our hair or you can bring in your own hair and get a sew in. The choice is up to you.
3. Do you have to come with your hair already shampooed or do you shampoo hair at the salon?
We are a full-service salon. Although a shampoo is not included in our Weave Packages you can get a shampoo for $20.
4. Do I have to make an appointment?
We take walk in 7 days a week so you are welcomed to just stop by.
5. Do you do natural hair?
We are a full-service salon so we do natural hair, braided styles, and weaves.

6. $10 Blow Out
For our natural clients or client with thick hair, a blow out may be required to get your hair as straight as possible so that your braid can be flat. The braid is the foundation of a sew in and MUST  be flat so that your sew in can look natural and flawless. You do not want to have a big bulky braid because that will lead to a big bulky sew in.

7. $30 Reused Hair
If you are using hair that has already been installed, there is a reused hair fee.